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SMI Testimonial Letters (USA)

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SMI Testimonial Letters (USA)

Here are some excerpts from the forewords to several of Paul J. Meyer’s books
that attest to the integrity and results we have been able to achieve:

“Matters of business and personal development are far too important to be left
to chance, and the quick-fixes that are legion in the marketplace have shown
themselves to be little more than worthless. What you hold in your hands is a
unique new strategy for dealing with the age-old problem of leading and
motivating others. Paul J. Meyer’s bridge is a leadership creed for the third
- Drayton McLane
Chairman, McLane Group
Past Vice Chairman, Wal-Mart
Owner of the Astros Baseball Team

“Let me take this opportunity to once again express my high regard for you
and for what you stand for. You have motivated so many people in a most
constructive way, thus helping create a new generation of leaders.”
- Former President George H.W. Bush
41st President of the United States of America

“For decades I have used his materials, either for myself or for leaders across
the nations, and I am always amazed at the changes that take place in
people’s lives…Regardless of any limitation we might place on ourselves, we
have an incredible opportunity to learn from someone who has chartered a
course before us. Take it and run!”
- John C. Maxwell
Author & National Speaker

Testimonial Letters ( .pdf format)
  1. Bill Eberwein,  The Children’s Choice; Foster care, Kinship, & Adoption Services
  2. Dr Albert Reyes,  Hispanic Baptist Theological School
  3. Frank Dicorte,  Dicorte’s  Spirits, Wine and Beer Emporium
  4. Gabe Camerdelle,  State Farm Insurance
  5. Holden Thomas,  Excellent Mortgage Company
  6. Jackson Thomas, Vector Marketing
  7. Karyn Miller,  Remedy, staffing
  8. Lynda Martin-Lawley,  Countrywide, home loans
  9. Doug Smith, et al, Papergraphics
  10. Toni Motte, Caldwell Banker, residential brokerage
  11. Excerpts, from some of Paul J. Meyer's Books
  12. John C. Maxwell, Forward to Unlocking Your Legacy

            Chiropractor Letters ( .pdf format)
  1. Dr. James McCready, Delaware Chiropractic Health Center
  2. Dr. Saul Kent Rubin, Chiropractic Care Center
  3. Dr. William Catt, Catt Chiropractic Center
  4. Dr. Brian Burns, Burns Chiropractic Clininc
  5. Dr. Craig Valarik, Valarik Chiropractic and Wellness Center
  6. Dr Jay Morris, MD; Chief Medical Officer, United Health Care
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